Professional Borehole Repairs, Installation and Repairs

Borehole Repairs: We install borehole pumps motor, control box , pump protection relay pump start relay pressure tank ,pressure switch float switch, we replace pumps , single phase 3 phase contractors and overload.

Borehole Repairs and Maintenance Services?

No matter how deep the borehole could be we do a perfect job, also we install water purification system, water filtration for the house hold, lightning surge protection. This will protect your pump from lightning, and strong power surge, this means that the pump will last for a long time. All our pumps come with a one year guarantee and 6 months for repaired one’s,

We also do pump and motor repairs maintenance, cleaning and servicing of your equipment. Call us today for a perfect job and marvelous service, just tell us how deep is your borehole we will tell you what size of pump you need.

How Our Borehole Repair Services Will Benefit Your Home / Commercial Farm?

We use very intelligent testers that will tell us if the borehole is repairable even before we pull it out, we normally install the best pumps and Motors like Franklin if the price is your main concern we can install cheaper makes that also have one year guarantee.

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