Booster Pumps Installation And Repairs

We install booster pumps to increase your water pressure. If you have low water pressure we can put a water tank, normally refered to as a water storage tank in case you run out of water at your house. You can still have water in your tank and a booster pump that will boost the pressure of the water from the tank into your system or into your irrigation system.

How Booster Pumps Help Increase Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure we cannot install irrigation, for example, if we put irrigation on a low pressure a Rain bird 5000 which is intended to spray water up to 15 metres it will only do 7 metres and misses a lot of dry spots under it , Sprinkler system on a low pressure will not cover the whole Garden as they are intended to do, so we install a booster pump to improve your water pressure.

Booster Pumps And Water Storage Tanks

If you have a borehole and the water first goes into a water storage tank you definitely need a booster pump to push the water with force ( pressure) into your system. We can also install water storage tanks as a backup system in case there is no Municipality Water.

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